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"Bill has the intelligence and personality to help in any company."

- Architectural Record

"Partners International's skills in creating and developing relationships apply to Japanese executives and their colleagues at work."

- Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Japan Economic Journal)

"We heartily endorse Mr. Decker and his colleagues."

- Better Business Bureau

"We recommend them for any field they choose to enter."

- The Copley Group

"Our client relationships have given them excellent reviews."


"I certainly will keep you in mind for any future needs our organization may have."

- Lucent Technologies

"The only negative comment about [their training seminar] was that it wasn't long enough!"

- Nextel

"I hope we can continue to work together on future projects."

- The World Trade Center

"All present at your presentation felt it was a valuable experience with 'hands on' take home value."

- Vistage (formerly TEC)

"I truly appreciate your insights on my business."

- Lockheed Martin

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