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Negotiation Training

Why Negotiation Training?

"Everything you see, from the moment you wake up, until the moment you go to sleep, has been negotiated." - Bill Decker

Do you want...

A better position? Market access? Larger contracts? New clients? A smoother working environment? Less infighting? International markets? Preferential treatment? Flex time? More money?

How will you further your interests?

The "Negotiating Workshop" can help. A highly interactive seminar, customized to your specific needs, can design and deliver solutions to your problems.

We will work with your staff to insure your requirements are being met, and create a workshop (time, venue, content) to meet your needs.

All attendees will actively participate. Participation in this seminar facilitates team building, discovers alternative ways to resolve conflict, and is fun!

Typical issues addressed:
  • "Do's" and "Don'ts" of bargaining. 
  • How do you deal with difficult people? 
  • Classic negotiation scenarios. 
  • What can and can't be controlled in a negotiation? 
  • Strategies to employ, and ones to avoid. 
  • How do you protect yourself? 
  • Common mistakes, and ways to get around them. 

Let one of our team members diagnose your needs. We will work with you to discover more about your organization and create a solution to address your specific goals.


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