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Foreign Business Affairs

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Market Access

Expand Into New Markets

With thousands of media companies, an equal number of software companies and countless other firms engaged in high tech, there simply may not be enough business for you in the United States alone.

Perhaps your company is doing well, but has reached a plateau.

By internationalizing your efforts you expand your market reach into, not only new and exciting markets, but very profitable ones as well.

When you're ready to take that step across the globe, it's important to have a partner who can help you. There's so much to understand about foreign cultures their business ethics, their attitudes, and traditions.

Discover Your Partner In Foreign Business Affairs

Partners International is your solution to entering international marketplaces.

By accessing our network of experienced professionals you delve into foreign markets with a team that know the intricacies of successfully doing business there.

Partners International can help you:

Develop your strategic plan - Determine what moves to make before you make the move abroad.

Allocate a cost-effective budget - Look at creative financing, investigate additional revenue sources you may have missed.

Market your endeavors - Promote your venture into foreign marketplaces.

Increase production capabilities - Develop factory partners you trust, negotiate the best service for the best price.

Build an outstanding team - Find the right people to get the job done.

We listen to your objectives for expanding into foreign markets and research the proper "fit" that fulfills your international business needs.

Build Successful Relationships Around the World

Partners International screens, evaluates, sources, and can negotiate your arrangements for you. Having a solid understanding of international and cross cultural business issues, our team of professionals helps you explore:

Green field Sites - International business from the ground up.

Joint Ventures - Traditional partnering with foreign firms.

Distribution Arrangements - Finding the perfect match. Never hire a distributor you met at a trade show!

Acquisitions - Purchase an existing company that already fulfills your needs in an overseas marketplace.

Technology Transfer and licensing arrangements - Partnering with foreign firms via royalty agreements.

With Partners International as your partner, you gain a thorough report of what you can accomplish overseas, how to execute successfully, and what steps need to be taken to achieve profitability.

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