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Cross Cultural Training

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

"My distributors overseas don't do any selling for me."

"My foreign partners can't get the job done."

"We transferred a new Vice President from New York to Wisconsin, and it only made matters worse."

"Bob was a real pro, but since the new assignment, he's been ineffective."

"I'm sending managers out to Asia, and they've never lived there."

"After 2 years, we still can't sell our product in Japan."

"The people in India keep making difficult demands on us."

"How do I deal with Eastern Europe?"

Cross Cultural Services

Believe it or not, these problems are cultural. The system of doing things in other places always differs from our own.

  1. Learn the system
  2. Learn the people
  3. Learn the procedure
  4. Succeed

Contact us to discuss your situation. With the costs of business rising, let's change your odds for success.

A full list of our Cross-Cultural Services is available.

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